Everything you need to know to visit Eltz Castle, Germany
Everything you need to know to visit Eltz Castle, Germany

Everything you need to know to visit Eltz Castle, Germany

Burg Eltz – Fairytale Castle in Germany

Burg Eltz (or Eltz Castle in English) is a straight out of the fairytale, enchanting medieval castle enthroned in the middle of a dense forest on Moselle valley, between Koblenz and Cochem in Germany.  

This beautiful 80-room castle is over 850 years old; built in the 12th century by the three families Eltz-Kempenich, Eltz-Rübenach and Eltz-Rodendorf. It is still owned and inhabited by a branch of the same family. The current owner of the castle is Dr. Karl Graf von und zu Eltz-Kempenich, alias Faust von Stromberg, lives in Frankfurt am Main.

If you’re planning a trip, take a look at the ultimate guide to visit the castle.

How to get to the Eltz Castle?

Burg Eltz is located in Wierschem, a municipality belonging to the district of Mayen-Koblenz in the West German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Getting there by train, bus, and boat from Koblenz or by car as a day trip from Frankfurt, Mainz, or Cologne is possible. However, it is a bit tricky to reach the castle by means of public transport.

Burg Eltz, 56294 Wierschem

By Boat on Mosel River

During the River cruise season in summer which is generally late April to mid-October, you can take a boat from Cochem or Koblenz.

You can take the  Köln–Düsseldorfer (KD) riverboat from Koblenz to Mosselkern or take the  Kolb cruise from Cochem to Treis-Karden.

By Train to Moselkern / Treis-Karden

On weekdays, you can take the train to Moselkern. There are hourly Regional Bahn (RB) train from Koblenz or Cochem/Trier. The train ride takes 30 minutes from Koblenz, 20 minutes from Cochem, and 90 minutes from Trier.

On weekends and publics holidays, you can take the train to Hatzenport or Treis-Karden on the Moselle and from there take the Burgenbus (Castle Bus) to Eltz Castle Car Park.

Check the train timetables online with German Railway, toBurg Eltz with the Burgenbus (on weekends and public holidays only) or to Moselkern by train and then walk or take taxi to Eltz Castle.

By BurgenBus to Eltz Castle

On weekends and public holidays from May to October, you can take the Burgenbus 330 (Castles Bus) from Hatzenport or Treis-Karden directly to the parking lot at Burg Eltz. The service operates four times per day making it an attractive option to hiking both ways.

The bus also stops at Moselkern Moselanlagen to connect with Mosel and Rhine River boats.

Bicycles can be transported on the bus – online reservations are advisable at RegioRadler.

By Car to Eltz Castle

Getting there by car is the most convenient way to visit the castle as it is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by forest. By car you drive to the village of Wierschem and follow signpost to the castle. 

There are two parking lots nearby Eltz Castle:

Parking costs 2 euros for car & motorbike and 4 euros for car with trailer & caravan. The machine only accepts cash.

Path from Parking Lot to Castle

Either you arrive by Car, Taxi from Moselkern or by BurgenBus from Treis-Karden to the car park, you have to walk to the castle along the footpath or take the shuttle bus.

Stroller friendly path

The shuttle bus route (purple), 800-metre-long private road descends steep from the car park and you can get a great view of the castle from a viewpoint. It takes about 10 minutes to walk down the path.

Downhill footpath

This gently descending footpath (orange) about 1.3 km, 15 minutes begins at the car park and takes you through untouched nature. The views over the valley and the stunning view of the Eltz Castle.

Not advisable to take small children on this footpath as there are no handrails or guardrails, and it’s a steep drop several hundred feet down, right at the edge of the path.

Shuttle Bus

You can take a small shuttle bus at the cost of € 2 per person from the car park. The shuttle bus stop is at the barrier next to the Antonius Chapel.

The shuttle bus operates only during the opening time of the castle.

Guided Eltz Castle Tour

You can see the interior of the castle by going for a guided tour. You can purchase the ticket in the castle gift shop.

As Burg Eltz is an authentic medieval castle, the guided tour is not recommended for those with mobility difficulties due to narrow winding staircases to climb inside the castle.

The ticket costs about € 11 for an adult and € 30 for a family (2 adult and 2 children). Check out the cost of the tour at the official Burg Eltz webpage.

The tour begins in the castle courtyard and continues into the armory, the Knights Hall and Treasure Chamber. You will see everything collected by the Eltz family for nearly 900 years such as suits or armors, weapons, panel paintings, gold and silversmiths’ works, coins, medals, sacred objects, jewelry and other exquisite medieval items.

Things to know before you go

Check out the necessary things to know such as opening hours, rules & prohibitions, gastronomy options, WC facilities and estimated time needed to spend in the castle.

Opening Hours of Eltz Castle

The Eltz Castle is open daily from 09:30 to 17.30 until 1st November. It is closed in the winter season from 2nd November until 27th March.

If you come here before or after Eltz Castle opening hours, you can still see the castle from the outside, but you can’t walk inside for a guided tour.

To avoid the queues and to take pictures alone in the high season, plan to arrive before 9:00 AM or after 3:30 PM.

Rules and Prohibitions

Drones are not allowed to capture the Eltz Castle. Hefty fines if the rules are broken.

Taking pictures of the inside of the castle is not allowed. However, you can make pictures of the outer castle courtyard, Treasury and outside the castle.

You cannot take your pets and strollers inside the castle.

Gastronomy and WC

Two cozy self-service restaurants and toilet facilities are available in the castle courtyard. You can also bring a picnic and go down to the lake by the castle.

How long do you need?

It would take around half a day including the guided castle tour.

The tour takes approximately 35-40 minutes and starts every 5-10 minutes. Your ticket also includes admission to the Treasury, which usually takes around 20 minutes though this depends on your own pace. Plus you have to include the time to walk from the parking lot to the castle, about 15-20 minutes or you can take the shuttle bus which is quicker.

Hiking trails to Eltz Castle

If you like hiking, you can check out the various hiking trails to the castle with stunning views and challenging paths. Find a quite good overview of the other hikes at the Burg Eltz website.

Moselkern to Eltz Castle

The easy 5-km, 90 minutes hike to the Castle Eltz via the Elzbach (Elz Stream) valley from Moselkern. Walk along Eltzal Street, past the hotel and follow the signpost ‘Burg Eltz’.

Enjoy a pleasant walk through the forest!

Treis-Karden to Eltz Castle

You can hike from Treis-Karden up a very steep trail up to a beautiful lookout point over the Moselle. The trail from Treis-Karden to Burg Eltz is marked with ‘M’ (for Moselhöhenweg – a hillside long distance trail along the Moselle). Follow the signposts to ‘Burg Eltz’.

Trial from Müdenberg to Burg Eltz via Österhof is steep and difficult; only recommended for experienced hikers.

Burg Eltz Panaroma Hiking Trail

The panorama premium hiking around Eltz Castle has been voted as the Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail. It is about 12.4 km trial or about 4 hours, famous for its great views from the Mosel plateau and its easy access to the forests and meadows along the Elzbach river.

Other attractions and castles near Burg Eltz

Take a look at the map with the attractions and castles near Eltz Castle which you will find interesting.

The Deutsches Eck (“German Corner”): German Corner where the Rhine and the Moselle river meets.

Geierlay Suspension Bridge: One of the most beautiful longest hanging rope bridges in Germany. 

Bundesbank-Bunker Cochem: Former bunker of Germany’s Central Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank) with the secret vault.

Sesselbahn in Boppard: For an extraordinary panorama view over the Boppard Rhine slope and and the Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

Thurant Castle: One of the oldest castles in the Moselle. 

Pyrmont Castle: Stands above a waterfall on the Elzbach in the southern Eifel mountains.

Cochem Castle: Sits on the bank of the Moselle, towering over rolling vine-covered hills.

Stolzenfels Castle: The beautiful castle is perched on lush green hills a few miles from Koblenz.

Metternich Castle: Ancient hilltop Castle ruins with panoramic views over the vineyards of the Moselle Valley.

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